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Why We’re The Best

We have been THE foremost innovator in quality canine apparel since 1999. Before the media started featuring dogs in stories, photos and general coverage before many companies were even offering canine apparel, we were creating and manufacturing unique, durable and practical apparel and accessories—all right here in Oregon. Our dog coats are comfortable and, thanks to the 4-way stretch materials, non-restricting. Dogs run freely while being protected from the elements, burrs, ticks, mud, snow and caked-on ice.

Why We Are The BEST.

Our commitment to you.
We have THE BEST dog garments in the world—bar none. Why? Because:

  1. Design. We had a world leading sportswear manufacturer design and make our garments. These garments were specifically made for dogs after thousands of dogs were measured. So, we have the best fitting garments. This translates into comfort and effectiveness that none of our competitors can come close to.
  2. Material. We have worked in conjunction with our manufacturer and supplying mills to make the most superior materials possible. We use materials from the USA or Canada only. We do not use substandard material.
  3. Manufacturing. Our manufacturer is in Southern California. All of the garments are made here in the USA. To make our garments special sewing machines that create flat seams are used. These cost about $50,000 to $100,000 per machine. The sewers are specially educated and trained to create superior work. They are also paid at very competitive rates. We do NOT use out of country sweat shop labor. Thus, our quality is superior to any other line of garments in the world.
  4. Customer Service. We strive to have big company style attributes like 24 hour availability via our web store as well as extended phone hours. We also attempt to provide as many selections as possible so all your needs can be met. We also strive to maintain the small company attitude of customer service and going above and beyond for each customer. We want to know you and your dog to give you the best service.

The K9 Top Coat is the highest quality dog garment
on the market today.

We have teamed up with a world-leading sportswear manufacturer who has over 20 years experience. From our unique idea, their design engineer developed the K9 Top Coat which is safe and effective as well as:

  • Fits like a dream
  • Does not bind or hinder a dog’s movement
  • Is easy to put on and take off

The K9 Top Coat is made in the USA of top quality 4-way stretch Lycra material which is durable and machine washable. Silky smooth Lycra and flat seams greatly reduce the likelihood of matting or irritation, even when used during high levels of activity. K9 Top Coats are manufactured using a technique that virtually guarantees that seams will not come unstitched. In fact, all K9 Top Coats come with a full warranty against manufacturing defects.

We stand behind every K9 Top Coat we sell and are proud to say,
You Can Not Top a K9 Top Coat.