Find Your Pup’s Best

K9 Top Coat Size

Our form-fitting bodysuits are designed for a snug fit on pups to prevent dirt, debris, pollens, etc. from getting in through any loose areas of the suit.

To order your pup the right size the first time, you’ll need their top line, girth and weight measurements. Then you can follow this guide to find his/her perfect size!

How To Measure


Your Pup’s Weight
(in pounds)

How To Measure

Whether your pup just went for a recent checkup at the vet or you borrow your home scale to see how much they weigh, your pup’s weight is important to determining their best bodysuit size!


Your Pup’s Top Line
(in inches)

How To Measure

A top line is your pup’s profile along their spine. To determine your dog’s top line, use a soft tailor tape measure and start between your pup’s shoulder blades (not at the neck) and end the measurement at the base of their tail.


Your Pup’s Girth
(in inches)

How To Measure

The girth measurement is the circumference around the deepest part of your pup’s chest, just behind their front legs. Measure over your dog’s shoulders, right behind their front legs and back up again.

About Our Perfect Size Chart

Now that you’ve got your pup’s top line, girth and weight measurements, you’re ready to use our Perfect Size Chart!

Compare your pup’s measurements with the weight, top line and girth columns to determine the most appropriate size for your pup. If your dog fits into more than one size according to our chart, default to the top line measurement alone to select the best size for a snug fit. Remember - if your pup’s suit arrives and doesn’t fit properly, you can reach out to us within 30 days and we can process a quick exchange for you.


Need Assistance?

Still not sure what size is best? Contact us with your pup’s measurements and we’d be happy to recommend a size!