Dog Snowballs

K9 Top Coat Snowsuit – Protection from snowball buildup!

The K9 Top Coat Lycra Bodysuit is THE PERFECT SNOWSUIT to fight dog snowballs! Many breeds love to play in the snow or go with their owners for a walk or cross country skiing. But, many end up with matted snow/ice that is heavy, makes your dog miserable and can be dangerous.

The Lycra Bodysuit is a fantastic solution for this problem. The Snowsuit is Lightweight, stretchable, and made to stay in place—even on the most active dogs! This is beats hours of washing in the tub, combing and blowdrying your dog.

Easy on/off, machine washable, comes in bright colors for suberb visibility as your dog enjouys a romp in the snow.

dog snowballs
dog snowballs
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