Allergy Information

Skin allergies are a frequent reason for customers using the K9 Top Coat Lycra Bodysuit. Allergies can be a frustrating, time consuming, and expensive problem. The constant licking, biting, chewing and anxiety can take a toll on the dog and the rest of the family. Many customers have tried numerous medications (including Benadryl, and steroids), multiple diets, and other homeopathic methods to control their dog’s allergies. Most have tried T-shirts to cover the dog. However, the T-shirts usually to not cover as much area as needed, thus transferring the itching to a new area. Furthermore, the shirts only last for a few days, are generally not comfortable, and many times are ineffective.

The K9 Top Coat has proven to be a great way to beat allergies. Although we cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness, we have found that the garment significantly reduces allergy symptoms in the vast majority of cases. We do not have any objective data to tell us why the garment works, but the results of our customers speak for themselves. Most veterinarians have found that covering the dog’s body will reduce irritation (hence the recommendation for T-shirts). We have not found a proven theory as to why this is true, but most vets in general agree with the premise.

So, why not use a garment that:
  1. Fits well and is fashionable
  2. Is durable and comfortable
  3. Covers almost the entire body

If you have a dog with allergies, we encourage you to try our garment and see the results for yourself. Also, consult with your veterinarian about use and safety. There have not been any reported problems with extended use of the K9 Top Coat in dogs with even severe allergies. However, we recommend that any dog with a skin condition warrants special attention. Please start using the garment slowly and steadily increase duration of use. Regularly inspect the dog for any irritation.