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Post-Surgical Uses

The K9 Top Coat is a great option for post-surgical/wound care. The garment is ideal for covering lacerations or surgical incisions on almost all of the body. Furthermore, the garment is much more comfortable and effective than the standard E-collar. Just bandage the area in the standard fashion and place the garment on the dog. As in most cases, daily wound inspection is recommended. A major veterinary medical school is using the K9 Top Coat for post-surgical care and having great success with wound healing, reduced irritation, and increased comfort for the dogs. At times, the Lycra Bodysuit can be used for 2-3 weeks at a time. In the case of the dog pictured below, the bodysuit was used for almost a year due to multiple hip surgeries.

Likewise, the K9 Top Coat is perfect for dogs with allergies. It is used to cover hot spots due to licking, biting, and chewing irritated areas. We have had well over one hundred dogs use the garment for allergy control. There are a number of reports that numerous medicines (including Cytec, Benadryl, Prednisone, and Cyclosprin) have been ineffective. Yet, the K9 Top Coat worked wonderfully. As a result, we are currently studying the effect of the garment on various skin conditions. To date, we do not have a specific objective reason that the garment is effective–only that it often works much to the relief of the patient and their owners. However, we are confident in the garment and encourage vets/owners to try the garment on their most difficult cases.

Lycra Bodysuit