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Rain Solutions

Some dogs love getting wet, while their owners don’t, and other dogs like to stay dry. We have two rain solutions! These are fantastic garments to help keep your dogs warm and dry.

The full bodysuit option is the Waterproof Bodysuit. This is a full four legged coverage garment that is a waterproof exterior shell and light fleece lining. It is a four-way stretch fabric that has a mid weight feel. Perfect for rainy or snowy days. Keeps your dogs legs and body dry.

The traditional dog coat is our all new Basecoat. This is a more well known design that covers the chest, back and abdomen, but not the legs. It is easier for older dogs to get on. The new Basecoat is reversible and waterproof. The ‘exterior’ shell is waterproof, windproof and snow proof. The ‘interior’ is a bright orange color for maximum visibility in bad weather. It is also waterproof, windproof and snow proof.

rain solutions

Waterproof Bodysuit