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Sun Protection For Dogs

Many breeds of dog such as Dalmatians and Jack Russell Terriers, to name a few, are very sensitive to the sun. Because of this sensitivity, they also have a greater potential for skin cancer. Our Lycra Bodysuit has been evaluated by the International UV Testing Laboratory in Birmingham, Alabama and found to carry a 50+ UV sun protection rating. Each color garment works great for dog skin cancer prevention, but the silver, turquoise, and red are the coolest—literally! Many veterinary dermatologists are using the Lycra Bodysuit as a sun suit for just about any breed of dog.

So, no more use for messy, foul tasting suntan lotions, except maybe on their NOSE! Forget about following your dog with an umbrella or making them stay inside on a fantastic sunny day. Use our cool, comfortable, stylish Lycra Bodysuit and let your dog get back outside and be COOL doing it!

We even have an abdominal panel for those pooches that like to sleep on their back on a warm sunny day.

This is just one of many fantastic uses for our Lycra Bodysuit!


Lycra Bodysuit