New Products December 2003

New or useful products:

Help for skin problems

The Polar fleece keeps your dog warm and snug

Arctic fleece coat keeps dogs snug on the coldest of days – here on a visit to Crater Lake. VETERINARIANS often see skin problems among others from a host of origins. Drug and lotion treatments and awkward ‘Elizabethan’ collars to stop the dog from licking off the medications have been the standard treatment for years, but now K9 Top Coat has raised the bar on canine skin treatment.
K9’s high quality, four-way stretch Lycra bodysuit for dogs can be today’s answer to skin irritations, allergies and infections. Indoors and out, it protects your dog’s entire body from incessant scratching and licking, prevents fleas from reaching the dog’s coat, and the bodysuit’s breathability gives sores and hot spots the time they need to heal, often without the use of chemicals. More and more veterinarians are recommending K9 Top Coat for these and other uses.

Some of the most common uses include controlling shedding in the home and car, keeping dogs from bothering wounds and surgical sites, reducing the likelihood of tick and mosquito bites, keeping burrs out of the fur, helping alleviate itching caused by allergies, and of course keeping them warm and dry.

Veterinarians agree the best way to take care of skin problems is never to let them begin. Prevention can start with K9 Top Coat. Indoors it prevents scratching and shedding, and outdoors it keeps fleas, ticks and burrs off your dog for optimum health and easier grooming. It can also keep injuries and stitches safe while healing instead of your dog banging around the house in those funny looking collars.

K9 Top Coat also offers a variety of apparel for dogs including the Arctic fleece for colder climates, the waterproof bodysuit to keep Rover dry on those wet day walks, Muttlucks for sensitive feet, hunting vests for the sporting dogs and a lot more.

The multi-dimensional Lycra bodysuit has also been used for unusual, yet noteworthy, causes such as protecting a hairless dog from getting sunburned. Though created for dogs, the superior design has allowed veterinarians to use the bodysuit on a wide range of four-legged animals. Now that’s versatile!

With over 30 uses listed on their website and countless testimonials from satisfied customers, it is clear that K9 Top Coat’s Lycra bodysuit is a product dog owners should keep in an easily accessible place and use regularly.

Do the right thing for your dog’s skin and get him into a K9 Top Coat bodysuit. You and your pet will be glad you did. For more information or to request your catalog contact Richard Lotz: [email protected] or visit the website: