Nearly New Supra Plus Bodysuit

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We never sell a suit AS NEW that’s been tried on a pup before, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a good home for them!

Our Nearly New Bodysuits have been returned for being the wrong size or have been tried on once (for photoshoots, sizing comparisons, etc). These suits have been fully inspected and are still covered under our Manufacturer’s Warranty. So your Nearly New Bodysuit might have a hair here or there, but there’s no sign of wear and tear.

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The Supra Plus Bodysuit

Lightweight comfort & the most coverage for all dogs, any season.

Combat the worst cases of grass, pollen and other environmental allergies

Similar in design to our Supra Bodysuit but with more coverage

Protection for your dog's coat in rain, snow or windy conditions

One Suit, Many Benefits

We believe no pup should suffer from allergies. That’s why we designed a bodysuit to help combat some of the worst cases of grass, pollen and other environmental allergies.

Similar in design to our Supra Bodysuit, the Supra Plus Bodysuit (formerly known as our Comfort Coat) is made with MICROBlok Technology performance material. As an antibacterial, antimicrobial and odor resistant material, it helps pups with allergies, wounds that are slow to heal (due to licking, scratching, etc.), surgical site protection and other skin conditions that need coverage for long periods of time. With our easy to put on and take off design, our Supra Plus Bodysuit stays in place on active dogs and the unisex design allows them to conveniently go to the bathroom without having to unzip or remove the suit.

Safety Is Our #1 Priority

We care about the safety and well-being of all dogs who wear our suits. We had an independent study conducted by the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine to ensure our suits wouldn't cause dogs to overheat. 

It's All About the Benefits

Spend more time making memories with your pup and less time pulling out burrs, washing off mud, etc.

Snow Protection + Visibility

Live in a winter wonderland or spend the holidays in snowy weather? Our suit is a game-changer for pups who love playing in the snow but hate snowballs in their fur. 

Anxiety Relief

From loud fireworks to thunder, sensitive pups can have anxiety just like humans. Our suit's snug fit can bring the same comfort as a hug to make them feel safe + secure.

Shedding Control

Keeping fur off your clothes, furniture and floor can feel like a never-ending battle. Our suit can help significantly reduce how much fur ends up in your home, car, etc.

Minimize Burrs + Stickers

Whether you have a favorite trail or you're taking the road less traveled, our suit helps keep burrs, stickers & debris off your dog to prevent coat damage + keep them clean.

UV Protection

Rated UPF 50+, our Supra Bodysuit blocks out 98% of harmful, cancer-causing UV rays to help protect your pup's sensitive/fair skin.

Sand Protection

The only things that should come back from a day at the beach or lake are fun memories, not sand or dirt in your car or home.

Mud Protection

After your favorite hike or walk in the park, come back home to a cleaner pup. Our suit has been a lifesaver for pet parents who want to keep pups cleaner in between grooming.

Allergy Relief

Allergy season is ruff for many pups. Our suit creates a barrier between outside allergens and your dog's skin to reduce contact and allergy symptoms.

No Cone Zone

Not only can our Supra suit help with healing after surgery (reduces irritation to stitches, wounds, etc), it can often replace the Elizabethan collar (aka: the cone of shame).

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the most common questions we get about our Supra Bodysuit, but reach out to us if we didn't answer yours!


Sheepadoodle Running in Snow Suit
Small Dog in Bodysuit for Grooming Preservation
Before and After Dog in Snow
Great Dane in Bodysuit for Sun Protection