Need Sizing Help?

We encourage you to use our measurement guide to be sure that you select the right size for your dog.

  1. Top Line - Measure the length of the back starting at the base of the neck, (where you feel the shoulder blades begin) along the spine and  stopping just prior to the dock of the tail.
  2. Girth - Measure the distance around the girth from just behind the front legs.

Compare your dog's measurements with those recommended by our sizing chart below to determine the most appropriate size for your dog. If your dog's measurements fit into more than one size category, and you are unclear on which size to select, contact us and we will be happy to assist you. If the K9 Top Coat you receive does not fit your dog, please fill out our online Return/Exchange Form and send the suit back to us within 30 days of receipt. We will gladly exchange it for you or issue a refund. Please read our policy on exchanges and returns here.

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