Skin allergies are common for dogs, yet are difficult to control. This would be a good reason for consumers to aid their dog using our Lycra Bodysuit. Allergies are frustrating, time consuming, and an expensive problem. Due to constant licking and chewing, anxiety can take its toll on the dog as well as the rest of the family.

Many of our customers found all of the above to be true and tried numerous medications (including Benadryl® and steroids) to solve the issue. Additionally, they tried altering the dog's meals with multiple diets and resorted to homeopathic methods to control their dog's allergies.

Many veterinarians suggest covering the dog's body to reduce skin irritation. Based on that recommendation, many people try T-shirts to cover their dog. However, T-shirts do not provide adequate coverage, do not last long, and lack effectiveness. By offering complete coverage, our bodysuits have been recommended by veterinarians across the globe.

The K9 Top Coat has proven to be a great way to treat allergies with proven results. Although we cannot officially guarantee 100% effectiveness, it has been found that the garments do significantly reduce allergy symptoms in the vast majority of cases. But don't just take our word for it, please refer to the testimonials of satisfied customers below.