Need to Customize or Modify your K9 Top Coat?

Modifications of the K9 Top Coat are easy. Our special design and superior materials and construction allow a wide variety of modification options. You simply need a pair of very sharp scissors, and your specific tailoring needs.

First, you can cut the garment without causing the material to roll or run. If you desire to finish the cut ends, you can, or you can leave them as is. The choice is yours.

customizeYou can make a short sleeve version easily by just trimming the sleeves to the desired length. We intentionally did not make a “short sleeve” version because there is such a wide definition of what ‘short sleeve’ is on a dog. So, make the sleeves any length you need.

The short sleeved version is great for older dogs that do not have as much flexibility, or for veterinarians with dogs that have had only abdominal surgery and do not need full coverage. Also, the short sleeve version is perfect for show dogs that need to keep their coat flat and clean.

You can also modify the K9 Top Coat for a “Front version” only. This is ideal for dogs with shoulder or thoracic surgery, or for dogs with wounds/hot spots on the front of the body or legs.

If you have questions on modifications, please feel free to call us at
888-833-5959. We will be glad to help you.