Finally We Have a Vest That Fits Right


Finally we have a vest that fits right – 9/21/2006

Thank you, K9 Top Coat, for designing the ultimate sporting vest

I thought when I found your webpage and saw your hunting/sports vest. Over the past year and a half I must have tried at least a dozen different hunting and protection vests on my crazy 2-year-old wire-haired pointer rescue. You name the maker and the vest, and I can almost guarantee we’ve tried it. This girl is a true athlete, and when we hike she runs non-stop and will go through anything. As a result, any vest I have tried on her was either so ill-fitted as to not allow the serious movement this girl requires, or it was too floppy or poorly designed and she’d get snagged on branches or logs, or lose the vest completely.

Not the K9 Top Coat Hunting/Sports vest! Finally we have a vest that fits right, that doesn’t have ridiculous openings which allow dangerous snagging, and that lets this wild child of ours thrash through any brush and terrain relatively unscathed…and at top speeds, of course! She loves swimming in her new vest, as well. This spring, when wearing the vest, you can hardly get her out of the water, whereas last year she needed a reason to go in. She’s also worn it during several exceptionally cold days this past winter (and we are talking Canada), and I’ve now been able to abandon my search for a winter coat! In the vest she stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

I’ve already ordered my second, back-up vest, but given the torture her current vest has endured — and still shows only very minor signs of wear — I probably won’t need the back-up vest in a long, long time. Thank you, K9 Top Coat, for designing the ultimate sporting vest.