How long can my dog wear his Lycra Bodysuit?

Length of wear is variable. Because we designed the K9 Top Coat to conform to your dogs body style coupled with the use of high quality, lightweight, breathable Lycra material, your dog can wear the Lycra Bodysuit for days (as long as you are able to control temperature and monitor the dog safely). In fact we have had numerous customers use the Lycra Bodysuit instead of the E-collar after surgery. Some have use the garment for up to 2 weeks. Some customers with dogs that have allergies have used the garment daily for YEARS.

Most customers use the Lycra Bodysuit to control shedding in the house/car, reduce exposure to burrs/tics etc. on walks, and at dog shows to keep the dogs clean and reduce grooming time. The average use is from 1-12 hours. Again, use common sense-regularly monitor and inspect your dog, provide water and shade, and talk to our staff if you have any additional questions.