New Suit Guide

Thank you for your recent purchase of a K9 Top Coat! We’ve had thousands of pawsome customers over the years who love our bodysuits and we’re pawsitive you and your dog will love it too. 

For the best care and use of your dog’s new bodysuit, here's some helpful tips and information about our suits!


How to put on a K9 Top Coat

First, make sure the neck of your dog’s new bodysuit is open and fully unzipped.

Put your dog’s head through the front of the bodysuit (like a t-shirt or turtleneck). The suit should fully be over the head.

Next, lay out the bodysuit along the back of your dog. The suit will start to straighten out and nicely start to fall into place.

Star with the front legs, and gently guide your dog's leg through each sleeve. Next is the back leg. The back leg is a little more difficult due to the different anatomy, and may take some practice to get accustomed to.

Close the neck strap before zipping up the suit. It is best to be along the left or right of your dog for ease of movement. There is a piece of fabric between they zipper that will need to be flat and be between the zipper and your dog's fur.

Introducing the Suit to Your Dog

Most of our furry customers are comfortable wearing their bodysuits for the first time.

However, if your dog isn’t used to wearing clothes, here are some tips to ease them into it:

1. Give your dog a treat while trying on their suit the first few times.


2. As soon as the bodysuit is on, take him/her out to do something fun (ex: play ball, go for a walk/drive or go to the park) to take their mind off wearing it.

3. Praise your dog and tell him/her how handsome/beautiful they look.


4. Although you may be tempted to laugh, don’t! At least not in front of your dog, as they’re very perceptive and don’t appreciate it.

Suit Customizations

Modifications of the K9 Top Coat are easy. Our special design and superior materials and construction allow a wide variety of modification options. You simply need a pair of very sharp scissors, and your specific tailoring needs.

First, you can cut the garment without causing the material to roll or run. If you desire to finish the cut ends, you can, or you can leave them as is. The choice is yours.

Shortening the sleeve

You can make a short sleeve version easily by just trimming the sleeves to the desired length. We intentionally did not make a "short sleeve" version because there is such a wide definition of what 'short sleeve' is on a dog. So, make the sleeves any length you need.


Washing Instructions

1. Always close the velcro before washes to avoid snags.

2. Machine wash cold in the delicate cycle - alone or with like colors.

3. Do not use bleach and use a small amount of a mild laundry detergent.

4. Line dry (or it can be placed in the dryer on the delicate cycle).