No More Snowball Parasites


Every winter I can look forward to snowy walks with my 3 standard poodles weighed down by massive ‘snowball parasites’ glomming onto their hair. So last January I came up with this ‘crazy’ notion of a Lycra suit for my standard poodles to wear in the snow. I don’t sew, so I spoke with two friends who sew reflective coats for dogs and specialty items for sled dogs. Both of them said it wasn’t an idea worthy of their time. A few months ago I ran into someone who had a Lycra shirt on their dog after surgery. I inquired about it, which led to a call to her vet. Her vet led me to Topcoat. I was thrilled that someone had actually figured it all out material types, sizes, fastening, cool colors, excellent design features; and all that in a high quality product. We have only had two opportunities to wear them so far this season, but they were worth their weight in gold! The only place with balls was the area between the top of their booties and the bottom of their suits, which made them resemble Clydesdales. Maybe time for some sort of doggy gators? Or the choice of ‘extra long’ in the legs like humans? My dogs and I trek daily through Alaskan Mt. paths and thick forests. My guys ran like the wind, with no complaints about suit discomfort. They are fast and easy to put on and take off, and as you can see, create quite the fashion statement! C. H. Eagle River, Alaska