Arctic Fleece Bodysuit

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The Arctic Fleece Bodysuit

Designed to keep your pup warm, comfy + cozy all winter long. A warm blend of comfort and protection.

Smooth exterior, soft microfleece moisture-wicking interior.

Four-way stretch Polartec® Power Stretch® fleece moves with your dog.

A suit that's super comfortable + breathable to protect your dog on cold winter days.

Extra Warmth for Your Pup

If a cold, wintery walk is not your dog’s idea of fun or your senior dog needs added warmth when the temperature drops, our cozy Arctic Fleece Bodysuit is ideal.

Weather Protection All Season Long

The plush Polartec® Power Stretch® microfleece interior and smooth exterior provides exceptional warmth + breathability for your dog. It's a cozy combination of superior comfort and protection from the elements on those chilly days.

It's All About the Benefits


Added Warmth

Designed with a soft microfleece interior, the suit creates a thermal layer to keep pups warm without the weight and restriction of a  heavy jacket.

Snow Protection

Our bodysuit serves as a warm barrier between the snow and your dog to significantly reduce heavy snowballs adhering to their fur.

Light Rain Protection

Made with a dual-surface material that's smooth on the outside with a soft, moisture-wicking microfleece interior.

Mud & Debris Protection

More mud and debris on the suit means less on your dog! With full body coverage, our Arctic Fleece Bodysuit reduces the amount of mud, dirt and more that enters your home.

Arthritis Relief

Our suit's plush microfleece interior traps your dog's own body heat to create a warm, thermal layer that comforts arthritic joints + relieves arthritis symptoms.

4-Way Stretchability

The breathable Power Stretch® fleece fabric adapts to your dog's body for maximum comfort through every walk, run and jump.

See What Everyone's Barking About


Janice Bosomworth
Verified Owner

"The first time our golden doodle went out to play in the snow, we thoroughly enjoyed her frolicking. BUT when she came inside, we were horrified with the sticky nature of the snowballs and our inability to remove them without great difficulty. We tried buckets of warm warm, rubbing, and finally thought “next year we go south for 2 months!” Through a lot of research, we found this suit and it is absolutely worth every penny. It is easy to put on and take off and dries quickly between going outdoors...What a relief! We strongly recommend this."


Verified Owner

"I couldn’t be more pleased with Smokey Joe’s arctic fleece suit! It fits him like a glove. Smokey Joe is a labradoodle with a super fine coat that develops huge snow clods over his entire body within minutes of being in the snow. Just today, we were able to spend over an hour playing in a snowy field! Such a happy puppy! It’s super high quality material and craftsmanship and we get tons of compliments every time we take Smokey Joe out to play!"


Joyce Gardella
Verified Owner

"My Yorkie and I love to go out for walks, but keeping her warm below zero is a challenge. I have tried three different coats on her and was unhappy with all of them because I just didn’t feel they covered her enough. Now her whole body and legs are covered! And she can still do her business. She made our 2 mile walk today at -10 degrees…no problem!"

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