Regal Clumber from Down Under


Phoebe and Poppy – Sidney, Australia

Thanks for your super-quick reply! Attached is my dear Poppy, a 5 year old Clumber Spaniel in her K9 Top Coat lycra suit. She loves her suit, and it’s the best thing for keeping her clean for the show after washing and blow-drying her. She wears a size 7. The funny thing is, a year ago we ordered Poppy’s suit as we were copying a friend here in Sydney who had the harlequin print one for her female Clumber and the navy one for her male Clumber. Just recently I told the only other Clumber exhibitor in Sydney about the suits, and she ordered 2 navy ones for her boys and a harlequin one for her pup who we think will get to be the same size as Poppy, so at some shows there will be 6 Clumbers all looking gorgeous in their suits before going in the ring!

I am sure Poppy with her regal, aloof pose will look lovely on your gallery for show dogs (or the other one, whatever you like).