Suit Adjustments

Adjustable Top Strap

To make adjustments, use our exclusive topline strap to shorten the length of your garment to perfectly fit your dog. The Top Strap Adjustment is a standard feature of all bodysuits: Lycra, Arctic Fleece, Waterproof & Basecoat.


Adjustable Neck Strap

Use our Velcro strap to adjust the neck of your garment to be comfortable, yet firm, for best fit. As long as you can get 2 fingers inside the neck, your dog will have the freedom to breathe and move without limitation. The adjustable neck strap is a feature of all our quality garments.


Suit Customizations

Modifications of the K9 Top Coat are easy. Our special design and superior materials and construction allow a wide variety of modification options. You simply need a pair of very sharp scissors, and your specific tailoring needs.

First, you can cut the garment without causing the material to roll or run. If you desire to finish the cut ends, you can, or you can leave them as is. The choice is yours.

Shortening the sleeve

You can make a short sleeve version easily by just trimming the sleeves to the desired length. We intentionally did not make a "short sleeve" version because there is such a wide definition of what 'short sleeve' is on a dog. So, make the sleeves any length you need.


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