They Are Just Great For Active Dogs


Gary & Jackie & Wiley & Jasmine

Thank you for creating such a dog-friendly coat.

Dear K9 Top Coat Company:

This is two more pictures of our Akitas in their topcoats. It shows how comfortable the coats are for the dogs. They don’t even know they are wearing a reflective jacket. Our dogs, Wiley & Jasmine (long-hair), are very playful. They ripped their other coats because they would slide around on them and then get caught on things. The dogs run through the woods when we ride horses and the velcro on their other coats would become filled with brush, burdocks, and hair. Then it wouldn’t close properly.

When we got these coats, we loved the way they stretch & fit the dogs. Our dogs love the snow & the streams, and their new coats dry out so easily. They are extremely visible in the woods which is great for hunting season, and they are highly reflective at night. We ski-jor behind our dogs with cross country skis and headlamps at night. These vests are easily seen. They are just great for active dogs.

So we wanted to send some pictures, but also thank you for creating such a dog-friendly coat.