The Weatherproof Bodysuit

Built to block out harsh winds + keep your pup dry & comfortable all winter long.

Water-repellent exterior with a microfleece interior

Four-way stretch Polartec® material moves with your pup

Protection & warmth for your dog in rain, snow or windy conditions

Weatherproof Bodysuit

(12 customer reviews)

$109.50$145.50 (USD)

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Black Onyx
Black Onyx

Weatherproof Bodysuit

(12 customer reviews)

$109.50$145.50 (USD)

We recommend this for:


The Weatherproof Difference

For All Your Pup's Adventures

It’s tough to find a suit for your pup that provides the comfort, coverage and all the benefits that our bodysuits do. Since 1999, we've designed innovative bodysuits based on a dog's needs through all their cold-weather adventures.

Sully and Sampson Doodles in Weatherproof Suits

Weather Protection All Season Long

Designed with Polartec® Power Stretch® fleece material and added Wind Pro® technology, our water-repellent Weatherproof Bodysuit provides maximum weather protection.

Whether it's windy, rainy, snowy or just plain cold, your dog will be comfortable, warm and dry through every walk, run and jump.



It's All About the Benefits

Spend more time making memories with your pup and less time grooming, drying their fur, etc.

Weatherproof Bodysuit


Made with Polartec® Hardface® soft-touch material, our breathable bodysuit withstands moisture and rain to help keep your dog dry.

4-Way Stretchability

Designed with Polartec® Power Stretch® material, our Weatherproof Bodysuit's four-way stretch moves with your pup through every run, jump and roll.



Designed with Polartec® Wind Pro® material, our suit provides maximum weather protection from wind, rain and cold weather.

Mud & Debris Protection

With full body coverage, our Weatherproof Bodysuit significantly reduces the amount of mud, sand and debris that gets tracked into your home.

Snow Protection

Love the snow but hate dealing with painful snowballs that stick to your dog's fur? Our bodysuit significantly reduces them for more play time and less bath time.

Added Warmth

Lined with a soft microfleece interior, the suit creates a thermal layer to keep pups warm without the weight and restriction of a thick, heavy jacket.

See What Everyone's Barking About

We can talk about our Weatherproof Bodysuits all day, but our amazing customers say it best.

George the Wheaten

Tracy Wang
Verified Owner

"I cannot say enough good things about this bodysuit...At first I tried to buy some less expensive suits from other companies, but I should have just gotten this one to begin with. The others didn’t fit nearly as well and weren’t as attractive. Highly recommend!"

Hazel the Standard Poodle

Lauren Lysiak
Verified Owner

"My standard poodle Hazel has hair that tends to collect lots of snowballs when she’s outside playing (and she loves to run around and play in the snow!). This suit allows her to stay out and play a long time since the snowballs don’t collect on her pom poms (and the rest of her body stays dry too)."

Tucker the Wheaten

Tucker's Mom
Verified Owner

"This suit saved my Wheaten’s coat! He loves to romp and play in the snow. The problem is his hair gets snowballs and mats easily. The K9 Top Coat was a game changer for us. It keeps him clean and dry in snow and rain. I can’t live without it."

How to Measure Your Pup for the Best Size


How to Measure Your Dog's Top Line

The top line measurement determines the length of your dog’s back, starting from the base of the neck (where the shoulder blades begin) and ending where you want the suit to end (close to where the tail begins). Your dog should also stand up as you take this measurement – if they’re sitting or laying down, their spine can elongate and give you an inaccurate measurement.

To Measure Your Dog’s Top Line:

  1. Have your dog stand on a flat surface in a natural stance.
  2. Find the base of their neck (where the shoulder blades begin, NOT up at the collar).
  3. Use a tailor's measuring tape to measure a straight line along your dog’s spine, ending where you want the suit to stop (usually close to where the tail begins).
  4. If you don’t have a measuring tape, you can use a string, phone charger, etc, to mark your dog’s top line length. Then place that item next to any household measuring tool (like a ruler) to find the actual top line measurement.
  5. Write down the measurement and round up to the nearest half inch if needed.

How to Measure Your Dog's Girth

The girth measurement determines your dog’s circumference to ensure a comfortable fit in the chest area. The girth measurement is found by measuring all the way around your dog behind the front legs (where their chest/girth is the widest and/or deepest). The exact location can vary depending on your dog’s breed and body shape. An accurate girth measurement helps guarantee a snug yet comfortable fit for your dog’s bodysuit.

To Measure Your Dog’s Girth:

  1. Have your dog stand on a flat surface in a natural position.
  2. Take your flexible measuring tape and wrap it around the widest part of your dog’s chest/ribcage (somewhere behind the front legs).
  3. Make sure the measuring tape stays flat and snug (do not add room to account for your dog’s fur, otherwise the suit may be too baggy).
  4. If you use a string, phone cord, etc. for the measurement, mark on it the length that fits around your dog’s girth and use any household measuring tool (like a ruler) to determine the girth size.
  5. Write down the measurement and round up to the nearest half inch if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the most common questions we get about our Weatherproof Bodysuits, but reach out to us if we didn't answer yours!

Bernedoodle Playing with Owner in Dog Bodysuit

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