Why is the cost of the garment $50-$110?

Our garments are very competitively prices. A survey of other companies showed our prices in the middle of the pack. But we feel our outstanding quality make our garments an even better buy! The Lycra Bodysuit is made with the highest quality material (made in the USA and is more expensive than imported Lycra). The component materials (thread, zippers, Velcro, elastic and more) are also USA products. The garments are manufactured here in the USA by a world leading sportswear manufacturer that also produces some of the finest human apparel made. Their employees are paid competitive wages (much more then Asia or Mexico). Thus they are held to higher standards for quality. The result is a high quality, durable, reliable garment that will not fall apart. If you have any manufacturing defects, contact us and we will replace the garment- free of charge.