Will wearing the Lycra Bodysuit cause my dog’s fur to mat?

No, but there are rare exceptions. The unique design of the Lycra Bodysuit, along with its flat seams and silk smooth material was created specifically to reduce friction and pressure points to reduce the possibility of matting. We have had just a few (5) cases of matting in almost 3 years. Each was from a different breed (Afghan Hound, Cocker Spaniel, Irish Setter and 2 mixed breeds). We have sold hundreds for each of these pure breeds and thousand of garments overall and have no explanation why 1 dog out of 100 will mat. Thus, we have concluded that in these rare cases it is more of an individual situation that leads to the matting, rather than a particular breed. However, we do recommend that dogs with long, fine coats and or show dogs begin using the Lycra Bodysuit for 30 minutes at a time and work up-with regular inspection of the hair/fur. There has been no reported matting with the Arctic Fleece, Waterproof or Safety vests.