5 Reasons Dogs & Pet Parents Love Our Weatherproof Bodysuits

Our Weatherproof Bodysuit is a game changer for dogs who love to explore and play during the cold and wet winter months. From rainy hikes or snowy playdates, our suit will keep your pup warm, dry and comfortable all winter long. 
On the fence about getting one for your pup? Here are five reasons your dog will enjoy our Weatherproof Bodysuit: 
Golden Doodle hiking in the snow wearing a K9 Top Coat Weatherproof Bodysuit to prevent snowballs from sticking to his fur and to keep him warm and dry! 1) Snowball Prevention
If your dog loves to play in the snow but has fur that attracts snow like a magnet, those painful snowballs can be a major challenge. (Doodle parents definitely know!) We often get asked if snow that sticks to a dog’s fur hurts them and the answer is yes, it can. Ice cold snowballs that form together can weigh down your dog’s fur thus pulling on sensitive skin too. Depending on how long they’re out in the snow, their body can end up covered in snowballs in a short amount of time (just ask Sadie!). 
Chances are you tried searching for a solution to prevent snowballs from sticking to your dog’s coat and even tried other suits and products. While there are many suits on the market, ours has more than 20 years of experience behind it. Our form-fitting bodysuit will prevent snowballs from adhering to your dog’s beautiful fur and the four-way stretch material allows all the freedom of movement they need to have plenty of fun in the snow, just like Sklie


2) Rain Protection 

Whether your pup has thick fur or little to no fur, most dogs generally don’t like the rain. As dog parents, we know rainy day walks can be a hassle. From quick walks down the street to misty hikes in the mountains, our Weatherproof Bodysuit is the best raincoat for your dog. When your pup wears our suit, the Polartec® water repellent exterior makes water bead up and roll off the suit to keep their fur dry and clean. The high-quality Polartec® material also moves with your pup so they can enjoy plenty of fun on rainy days without wet fur.


Two Australian Labradoodles hiking in the Pacific Northwest wearing their K9 Top Coat Weatherproof Bodysuits to protect their fur from mud and keep them dry!
3) Mud, Dirt and Debris Protection 
After a long day of hiking, backpacking, trail running or a fun day at the park, the last thing you need is your dog coming home covered in mud. Our Weatherproof Bodysuit helps keep your pup dry and the water-repellent exterior will also help prevent mud, dirt and other debris from getting in your dog’s fur. Polartec® is a leading sportswear manufacturing company in the U.S. that designs and engineers the breathable, water-repellent fabric we use in our Weatherproof Bodysuit. The result is one sleek, comfortable and high-quality solution to protect and keep your dog clean


4) Wind ProtectionCockapoo in the snow wearing his K9 Top Coat Weatherproof Bodysuit to prevent snowballs and keep him warm!
On those winter days that bring a healthy dose of wind, our microfleece-lined coat will not only keep your dog dry, but warm and cozy too! The Polartec® Windbloc® material provides the best weather protection against some of the harshest outdoor elements. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your dog can enjoy their time outdoors in comfort. From weekend warriors to backyard rompers, dogs can explore, play and more while staying comfortable and dry no matter what the weather has in store. Bottom line: our Weatherproof Bodysuit stops everything, except your pup! 


Dachshund playing in the snow wearing his K9 Top Coat Weatherproof Bodysuit to prevent snowballs, keep him warm and dry!5) Warmth
Our full coverage bodysuit will also keep your short-haired dogs, hairless dogs and senior dogs warm all winter long, even on the wettest or coldest days. The soft micro-fleece interior creates a thermal layer to keep dogs warm without weighing them down like thick jackets and traditional dog coats can. The four-way stretchability of the bodysuit’s material will move with your dog so they can enjoy plenty of adventures while they stay warm, dry and comfortable



Ready to give your dog a whole new winter experience? Check out our Weatherproof Bodysuits here!