Top 3 Dog Bodysuits to Help Reduce Ticks, Relieve Allergy Symptoms and More!

How our top 3 dog bodysuits can improve your pup’s way of life and reduce common pet problems like ticks, allergies and more. 

With an increase in ticks across the country and more dogs developing allergies, our top 3 dog bodysuits cab provide much-needed tick protection, allergy relief and more. As a dog apparel company that’s working hard to introduce as many pups as possible to our suits, we want to highlight our top 3 bodysuits to solve these problems. 

Here are our top 3 bodysuits to keep your dog safe, protected and more this summer:

Scottish Terrier in Dog Bodysuit for tick prevention1) Supra Bodysuit 

As the first dog bodysuit of its kind, we designed our Supra Bodysuit more than 23 years ago and it’s been a game changer ever since. Thanks to our lightweight and breathable material, your dog can enjoy year round protection from ticks, fleas, burrs and more. With an increase in ticks in cities like New York, Minnesota and Ohio, protecting your dog from Lyme disease is essential.

Our Supra Bodysuit also provides allergy relief for dogs by creating a barrier between a dog’s fur and the environment. One of our success stories comes from Stan the Hungarian Vizsla who developed hay fever. This pollen allergy made him uncomfortable and left him itchy and sore after walks. His mom tried many remedies to reduce his allergies, but nothing seemed to work. Thanks to our Supra Bodysuit, he can now go on his walks again and do all the fun outdoor activities he once loved.

2) Supra Plus Bodysuit Pug in Dog Bodysuit for allergy relief

With the same benefits as our Supra Bodysuit, our Supra Plus Bodysuit helps dogs with more severe allergies. The MICROBlok Technology performance material is the “Plus” part of the suit. It combats some of the worst cases of grass, pollen and other environmental allergies and provides much-needed relief. Jojo the deaf Great Dane wears it to fight allergies and enjoys its UV protection benefits as well. Like our Supra Bodysuit, it’s also rated UPF 50+ to block out 98% of harmful sun rays.

Border Collie in Dog Bodysuit for allergy relief3) Full Cover Bodysuit

For pet parents who need the best of both worlds, our Full Cover Bodysuit is a great allergy solution with UV protection. Designed with anti-allergenic, fungicidal and bactericidal properties, the suit minimizes the multiplication of dust mites. It’s also ideal for pups who suffer from mild to severe allergy symptoms. Additionally, the added belly protection provides more coverage against ticks, burrs and is relief for those pups with sun-sensitive skin and more. 


We work hard to spread the word about our innovative dog bodysuits to continue helping pups around the world. Our suits help dogs live a better life without allergies, ticks, cancer-causing UV rays and more. They also protect, provide comfort and help your pup so you can spend time on the things that matter most – making memories together.

To support our cause as we work hard to share our dog bodysuits with pups worldwide, check out our dog bodysuits here: