Thank You for Developing the K9 Top Coat

Bruce, Rebecca, Winston, and Shelby – California

It will make injuries much less traumatic for us!!

“One of our Belgian Malinois, Shelby, thinks that she should be Alpha Dog. Our other Malinois, Winston, knows that he is. Unfortunately, Shelby doesn’t always believe him. Their latest disagreement resulted in 11 staples in Shelby’s side. We had tried an E-collar with her in the past. She ran into things as hard as she could trying to knock it off. This time we tried various sweaters and T-shirts. None kept her from being able to lick her wound. Luckily, I searched for dog apparel on the web and found your site. Shelby’s K9 Top Coat is the answer to our problems!! She walked a little funny when we first put in on, and wasn’t sure what to think. Just a day later she is back to her mischievous self. We can leave Shelby alone with Winston now without having to worry about either of them pulling out her staples. Thank-you for developing the K9 Top Coat. It will make injuries much less traumatic for us!! “We are getting a second K9 Top Coat just in case Winston’s ever injured. It is well worth the price to be ready if we ever need it!! Thank-you again!”