Tips & Tricks to keep your pet safe on 4th of July

Snap, crackle, pop! Every year, your pup knows it’s coming. Many pets experience anxiety and get very nervous this time of year because of the loud, abrupt sounds of Fourth of July fireworks. To help get them through the holiday, here are a few ways to keep them safe and calm.


1. Keep Your Pup Calm with a K9 Top Coat 

Our Supra Bodysuit is known for many things (allergy relief, UV protection, shedding control and much more), but did you also know our suit relieves anxiety? The snug fit feels like a hug for your pup and gives them the comfort they need during stressful times like Fourth of July.


K9 Top Coat | Bella wearing a blue body suite

2. Create a Comfortable Space in Your Home 

While it is not ideal, there are times when we have to leave our pups at home on the Fourth of July. If this is the case, be sure to provide them with a safe space away from the loud noises. Turning on the TV can also drown out the noise and keep them from getting startled.


3. Avoid Using Fireworks Around Your Pet

While the Fourth of July usually means BBQs and neighborhood firework shows, always keep your pup out of harm’s way. While you are enjoying the show, make sure you or someone your pup trusts is with them to keep them safe. You can also keep them indoors to avoid the potential dangers and noise. Be aware of leftover debris from the fireworks as well that may still be lit or post a danger if ingested.


4. Aromatherapy

Humans love to relax with essential oils and aromatherapy, but did you know it can also help calm and relax your pup? Make sure to do your research beforehand since there are some oils that can be harmful to your pet.


5. Make Sure Your Dog is Identifiable & Keep Emergency Info Handy

Your pup having the proper dog tags and/or being microchipped can make all the difference if they run away or get loose. Make sure you have your name, phone number and address (if it fits) on your pup’s tag and that your contact information is up to date on your microchip. Many pets and their owners have been reunited because of these simple, yet important steps!

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Happy Fourth of July from our K9 Family to yours! ????