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Lightweight, breathable and durable, our original full-coverage Lycra Bodysuit provides many solutions to common pet problems. Created in 1999 as the first of its kind to originally control shedding, our four-way stretch Lycra Bodysuit has evolved into the high-quality and versatile suit that pet parents love today. 

With our easy to put on and take off design, our bodysuits stay in place on the most active dogs and the unisex design allows them to conveniently  go to the bathroom without having to unzip.


Designed with your pup in mind, our bodysuit helps with:


  • Snow protection
  • UV protection (rated UPF 50+ & blocks out 98% of harmful UV rays)
  • Allergy prevention & relief
  • Mud & debris protection
  • Tick, burr & sticker prevention
  • Shedding control
  • Anxiety relief 
  • Healing after surgery (prevent irritation to stitches, wounds & medicated areas)
  • Hot spot prevention
  • Coat damage prevention 
  • Injury, rash & surgical site protection 
  • Can add our abdominal panel for pups that have been spayed/neutered for extra protection

How To Measure

How to measure your dog:

First, determine your pup’s top line (measurement from between the shoulder blades to the dock of the tail) and girth measurements (deepest part of the chest just behind the front legs). Then, compare his/her measurements (including weight) on our sizing chart to determine the best size. If the measurements fit into more than one category, contact us via live chat for the best size recommendation! 

Size by Measurement

Size Weight Top Line Girth
0 5lbs. – 11lbs 8″ – 13″ 10″ – 16”
1 8lbs. – 17lbs 11″ – 15″ 12″ – 19″
2 13lbs. –25lbs 14″ – 18″ 14″ – 21″
3 20lbs. –38lbs 15″ – 19″ 15″ – 23″
5 35lbs. –50lbs 17″ – 22″ 19″ – 28″
7 45lbs. –67lbs 19″ – 24″ 22″ – 32″
8 60lbs. –80lbs 19″ – 25″ 24″ – 34″
9 70lbs. –95lbs 21″ – 27″ 24″ – 34″
11 90lbs. –115lbs 24″ – 30″ 28″ – 37″
12 110lbs.- 150lbs 29″ – 34″ 32″ – 41”

9 reviews for Lycra Bodysuit

  1. Juli

    Our border collie, Finn, loves his bodysuit. We purchased this suit hoping it would help with Finn’s heat spots. He kept aggressing and biting these area to the point of bleeding and scabbing. This suit instantly provided a protective barrier to allow the spots to heal. The heat spots didn’t bother him when he wore the suit. He was comfortable in it all day and night. He walked, played, and slept in it comfortably. Highly recommended!

  2. tbegler2

    I have 3 bearded collies and have used the lycra suits for years to survive the snow, mud and weeds in Flagstaff, AZ. These suits keep us on the trail and do not cause any issues with the dogs skin or limit their mobility. They are super fun to watch them run in as well. Very easy to put on and once you get the process down, easy to take off as well

  3. Cynthia & Brea the Doodle (verified owner)

    Our new Doodle-Snowball-Prevention garment. Amazing, doesn’t overheat my pup, so easy to put on and take off, doesn’t limit movement of any kind. This is saving me from a lot of time with the blow drier melting snowballs and also cleaning up my messy floors. This keeps her body and fluff nice and dry! (I like my doodle veeeeery shaggy!) And the company was amazing to deal with and super helpful!

  4. Tyler (verified owner)

    Amazing suit!! Keeps the snowballs off our Goldendoodle which is our main use. Easy to get on and off (once you get a system down)!!

  5. Marlene (verified owner)

    We love Yogi’s new bodysuit. He is a mini goldendoodle. It was so great that he could play in the snow and come back in the house without those miserable snowballs all over his body. We just had to wipe his paws.

  6. Darlene Prois (verified owner)

    After three years of dealing with ice and snow balls on our wire haired pointing griffon, we splurged on a red bodysuit. Best purchase of the season! No more snowballs, it’s exceptionally easy to get on and off, and Rogue acts like a superhero when he has it on. As soon as he sees it, he’s standing patiently and ready to put his head through and get out there!

  7. Rebecca (verified owner)

    This bodysuit is a perfect fit for our Aussie! It is very helpful on sunny new snow days when he would usually pick up lots of huge, painful snowballs. The customer service was terrific, as well. Thank you!

  8. taylormitsuuchi (verified owner)

    Our pup loves to sunbathe while we’re out at work, and she’s unfortunately quite bare on her belly and the insides of her legs, so she’s at a high risk for sunburns and skin cancer. We almost had to confine her to the small, shaded portion of the yard, but we found this suit! It covers all the sensitive areas that we’re concerned with, while leaving her completely unhindered while she runs around. It’s perfectly designed so that she is protected, but there is no danger of her getting it dirty when she goes potty. We just wash it on delicate once a week, and she is protected all year long! Thank you so much!

  9. Molly Pugsley Langford

    Okay, this is the best thing we’ve ever purchased for our dog!!! She is a Rescued Golden doodle, and as part poodle is susceptible to skin cancer. We live where she swims all day long, all summer long. We love this! She loves this! It is so comfy that the first time we put it on her she got up on the bed and fell asleep. And this thing is still like new after 3 summers of barnacles, sand & surf. And wow, the bonus is that we use it when hiking through the Olympic Rain forest, and don’t have to pick sticks, burrs and stickers out of her fur, keeps mosquitos from biting, keeps ticks off and no mud except on her little feet. It’s not listed as waterproof but it definitely keeps her very dry on rainy walks. And everybody, tell your vets about this! It worked SO much better than a cone to keep her from licking her wound after stitches. We just got another dog and are ordering another one for him today!

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