Supra Bodysuit

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Supra Bodysuit

The suit that started it all. Our Supra Bodysuit was designed as the first of its kind to help control shedding and has evolved into the high-quality and versatile suit that pet parents love today. Clinically tested by the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, our Supra Bodysuit can be worn year round and the breathable material is helpful for those pups that love the sun. With an easy to put on and take off design, our Supra Bodysuit will stay in place on the most active dogs and the unisex design allows them to conveniently go to the bathroom without having to unzip or remove the suit.

Made in the US with pawsitive vibes. 

Our Supra Bodysuit can help with: 

  • Snow protection & snowball reduction
  • UV protection (rated UPF 50+ & blocks out 98% of harmful UV rays)
  • Allergy Symptom Relief
  • Mud & debris reduction on fur
  • Minimizing ticks, burrs & stickers
  • Shedding control
  • Anxiety relief 
  • Healing after surgery (reduces irritation to stitches, wounds & medicated areas)
  • Hot spot relief 
  • Injury, rash & surgical site protection 

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To ensure your pup gets the right size the first time, there are a few measurements we’ll need:

Top Line – starts between your pup’s shoulder blades and ends at the base of their tail

Girth – the deepest part around your pup’s chest just behind their front legs

Sometimes, pups can fit into two sizes based on their measurements. Contact us at (888)833-5959 and we’ll help you figure out the best size recommendation!


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