10 Reasons Your Dog Needs a K9 Top Coat

Summer is just around the corner! That means more allergies, ticks and the busiest time of the year for veterinarians due to seasonal changes the weather brings. Whether you plan on staying home or taking a trip to the beach, our bodysuits can help your pup have a happier and more comfortable summer! 

Here are ten reasons why our bodysuits are pawfect for your pup: 


1) Allergies Don’t Stand a Chance

If your pup suffers from environmental, pollen or grass allergies, you know how tough it can be to take them on walks and avoid the dog park. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of pups wag their tail in the air like they just don’t care and enjoy their favorite outdoor activity again. As a result of wearing our Supra Bodysuit, a handsome Hungarian Vizsla named Stan played outside again for the first time without worrying about canine hay fever. Our Comfort Coat helped an adorable English Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Bronson combat his constant grass allergies. Simply put, our suits are a game changer. 


2) UV Protection Comes Standard

We know pups love to paws and enjoy the good life – especially when it comes to sunbathing in the summer! But did you know your dog can absorb the same harmful ultraviolet rays humans do? Our Supra Bodysuit, Full Cover Bodysuit and Comfort Coat are rated UPF 50+ and block out 98% of cancer-causing UV rays. Designed with lightweight, breathable materials, our suits also prevent your dog from overheating while wearing them. We put our suit to the test just to be safe! Check out our independent study from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine to find out the results.


3) Hot Summers Don’t Have to Equal Hot Spots 

Summertime means fun in the sun and the return of hot spots for many dogs. Known as acute moist dermatitis, these are red, inflamed skin lesions that are aggravated by excessive scratching, licking, etc. While many factors contribute to the start of hot spots, they can get worse over time if the itch/scratch cycle isn’t broken. That’s where our bodysuits come in. They protect the area and allow the skin to heal while preventing further outbreaks. Find out what Nova’s mom had to say about our suit and how it’s helped her pup’s skin heal in the warm Florida temperatures. 


4) Solve Your Dog Shedding Problems 

If your home is full of wags and wiggles, chances are you’ve searched for dog shedding solutions or your Roomba has put in overtime to keep fur off your floors. From shedding shampoo to other dog onesies that claim to defend against shedding, pet parents have tried plenty of dog shedding products over the years that fall short. As a result, we designed our suits to be form-fitting to keep fur in the suit and off your floors, furniture, etc.


5) Keep Your Pup Calm & Relaxed 

Anxiety isn’t only a common trait in humans. More and more pups suffer from some form of anxiety as well. From barking and whining to shivers and whimpers, your pup’s anxiety can manifest itself in a number of ways. Noisy holidays like the Fourth of July, previous abandonment issues and more can all play a factor in your dog’s anxious feelings and our bodysuits can help calm them. The snug fit of our suits feel like a hug for pups, which helps calm them and provides comfort when it’s needed most. Combine our suit with some extra snuggles on the couch and you’ll notice a big difference in your pup over time. 


6) Protect Their Fur From Sand, Dirt & Mud 

Beach hair, don’t care? After a fun family vacation day at the beach or soaking up the sun on the lake, your pup’s fur can collect plenty of sand, mud and more. Pups like Gordie the Standard Poodle know how important it is to keep his fur clean while he’s showing off his beach bod. Or if you have some fun hiking trails in your near future, take a cue from Millie the Vizsla and stay clean during the trip!


7) Stickers, Tick & Burrs Stick to Our Suit, Not Your Dog

Whether you spend a lot of time hiking, trail running or just enjoying the great outdoors with your dog, chances are you had encounters with ticks, burrs and stickers. While brushes and portable grooming kits can help, our bodysuits keep those clingy, prickly things off your pup and give you both more time to enjoy the views. Just ask Willet the Wheaten – he loves his daily Park City walks with his mom and keeps his fur fresh on the trails with his Lycra Bodysuit.


8) You’ll Enter the No Cone Zone

If you’ve watched Up, then you know how much dogs don’t like the cone of shame (also known as an Elizabethan collar or E-collar). Pups who’ve recently been spayed/neutered or had another surgery usually wear them to allow the area to heal and prevent infection. Our veterinarian-approved bodysuits are a more comfortable solution and prevent your pup from licking/scratching surgical sites and simultaneously allow their skin to heal. Sophie the Mini Goldendoodle recently had ACL surgery and her mom knew there had to be a better solution to the cone – check out her review (and adorable photo of Sophie) here and find out why our bodysuit was just what the veterinarian ordered.


9) Coat Damage Is a Thing of the Past

Whether your pup is a show dog or simply has beautiful, silky hair, pet parents can struggle to keep their fur clean and damage-free. Whether it’s pigment loss from the sun or loss of proteins that cause frizz, split ends and a broken coat, the damage can be costly and time consuming. Our bodysuits provide an extra barrier from the elements and reduce the number of baths your pup may need. That’s a win-win! 


10) You’ll Actually Look Forward to Snow Days

While snow isn’t a year-round problem, it’s nice to have a versatile suit that can be worn all year long! For breeds that tend to run warm (like Goldendoodles and Mini Australian Shepherds), our lightweight bodysuits have become a favorite among pet parents who want to prevent any painful snowballs on their pup’s fur. Bonus tip: use the time you used to spent on warm baths or blow drying to melt those snowballs for extra belly rubs. 


Ready to find out what size is best for your pup? Check out our Sizing page to get started!