How to Keep Your Pup Cool All Summer Long 

Warmer temperatures are here, which means plenty of outdoor fun and weekend adventures ahead. From camping, swimming, hiking and other summer activities, there’s so much to enjoy and it’s important to keep your dog safe while they’re out in the hot weather. From UV protection for your dog’s sensitive skin to allergy relief, our Supra Bodysuit can help keep your pup safe all year long. 

Here are a few tips about how to prepare for a day in the sun or a day at home with your dog this summer. 

Going Out for Adventures on Hot Days

For those dog days of summer, it’s best to schedule your activities in the morning or early evening to beat the heat. Avoid doing anything strenuous during the peak heat times (mid-day) so you and your dog can stay out of the sun as much as possible. 

If you have to be out during the hotter part of the day, having the right gear for the trip is essential. This includes plenty of water to keep you and your dog hydrated and it’s best to bring double the amount of what you think you’ll need. 

Sun protection is essential not just for you, but your pup as well. Just like us, dogs can be sensitive to the sun and excess sun exposure can lead to sunburns, skin cancer and other health issues. Pitbulls like Poppy and Great Danes like Pickle are examples of dog breeds who often need UV protection while they’re in the sun. Our Supra Bodysuit is rated UPF 50+, which means it provides UV protection against 98% of cancer-causing UV rays. It’s also designed with lightweight and breathable material which has been shown to not cause overheating in dogs. Since safety has always been of utmost importance to us, we had an independent study conducted by the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine to ensure our suit was safe for dogs to wear during the warmer months. In addition to sun protection, there are added benefits to wearing our Supra Bodysuit, including protection from stickers, burrs, mud, sand, debris and even allergy relief!

Labrador with Allergies in a K9 Top CoatUnfortunately, summertime can also mean the return of hot spots for many dogs. Known as acute moist dermatitis, these red, inflamed skin lesions are aggravated by excessive scratching, licking, etc. While many factors can contribute to the start of hot spots, they can get worse over time if pups continue to scratch them – that’s where our bodysuit comes in. Our Supra Bodysuit protects the irritated area to allow a dog’s skin to heal while preventing further outbreaks. Nova’s mom was frustrated with medications that only temporarily fixed the issue until she found our suit. Now her pup’s skin is healing and protected for her adventures in the warm Florida temperatures. As always, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian for your pup’s health and wellness needs.

Ways to Keep Cool at Home 

Don’t have any vacations or trips planned this summer? A kiddie pool, splash pad or sprinklers will still provide plenty of fun ways for your dog to cool off this summer from the comfort of your backyard. Spending time hanging out in the shady grass or a cooling mat are also easy ways to stay cool during those warmer days. 

If your summer plans include staying indoors and enjoying the cool AC, our Supra Bodysuit can also help keep your dog’s fur off the floor, couches, etc. Chances are you’ve already searched for dog shedding solutions or your Roomba puts in extra time to keep your floors clean. Our form-fitting bodysuit can keep all that fur in the suit and off your floors, bed, etc. 

Another added benefit? Noisy holidays like Fourth of July can contribute to a dog’s anxiety. From barking and whining to shivers and whimpers, your pup’s anxiety can manifest itself in a number of ways and the snug fit of our bodysuit can help calm those anxieties. Combine our suit with some extra snuggles on the couch and you’ll notice a big difference in your pup over time. 

Finally, frozen treats are a popular way to help pups stay cool. Some dog favorites include frozen lick mats with yogurt or peanut butter or frozen toys filled with wet dog food or treats. And always make sure there’s plenty of water around to enjoy these goodies with!

Interested in protecting your dog’s skin or keeping their fur off the couch all year round? Check out our Supra Bodysuits