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Arctic Fleece Bodysuit

Can I use the Arctic Fleece Bodysuit in the snow?

Absolutely! The Arctic Fleece Bodysuit works great in the snow, especially for dogs with longer coats to prevent snowballs. Also, because of our close fit design and type of material used, you will keep your dog toasty warm. It will also reduce your dog’s exposure to ice and helps to prevent those terrible snowballs from…

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Do dogs mind wearing the Arctic Fleece Bodysuit?

No. We have fit thousands of dogs and 99.9% tolerate the garment wonderfully. Some dogs do need a little more care and practice (i.e. doggy psychology) to make them comfortable, but rarely will a dog not tolerate the garment. If your dog does not tolerate the garment, simply return it within 30 days for a…

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How durable is the Arctic Fleece Bodysuit?

The Arctic Fleece Bodysuit, though lightweight, is very durable. However, it is not indestructible. We do guarantee that the seams will not come unstitched. In fact there is a full exchange warranty against manufacturing defects. The 4 ways stretch material is of high quality and has such a large amount of stretch it will move…

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How long can my dog wear his Arctic Fleece Bodysuit?

Length of wear is variable. Because we designed the K9 Top Coat to conform to your dogs body style coupled with the use of high quality, lightweight, breathable Arctic Fleece material, your dog can wear the Arctic Fleece Bodysuit for days (as long as you are able to control temperature and monitor the dog safely).…

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Is the Arctic Fleece Bodysuit easy to put on?

Yes. Simply unzip the leg and abdominal zippers. Slip the garment over the dogs head (like a turtleneck), slide the front legs through the sleeves. Then slide the back legs through the sleeves and zip all 4 legs. Then zip the abdominal zipper. Pull the zipper flap material across the zipper to prevent catching any…

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