Waterproof Bodysuit

How do I clean the Waterproof Bodysuit?

By K9 Wellness Team / July 31, 2017

Wash the garment in cold water, gentle cycle, with minimal detergent-or Woolite. Line dry. You can place the garment in the dryer on low head also. Wash as little as possible to extend the life of the waterproof coating on the material.

How durable is the material?

By K9 Wellness Team / July 13, 2017

This material is incredibly tough. In fact we are using it on our Hunting Vest. That garment takes incredible punishment each day with hunters. The material is a waterproof exterior bonded to a super soft fleece material. It is waterproof and wind proof, but yet is super comfortable, flexible and breathable.

How durable is the Waterproof Bodysuit?

By K9 Wellness Team / July 1, 2017

This is a tough as nails garment. The material is super tough, yet flexible and comfortable. And, we have used the same high quality manufacturing standards that we use on all of our garments. That is what makes it so great.

How long can my dog wear his Waterproof Bodysuit?

By K9 Wellness Team / June 13, 2017

Length of wear is variable. Most customers use the Waterproof Bodysuit on walks, and at dog shows to keep the dogs clean and reduce grooming time. The average use is from 1-12 hours. Again, use common sense-regularly monitor and inspect your dog, provide water and shade, and talk to our staff if you have any…

If the Waterproof Bodysuit gets wet, will the dye bleed into my dog’s fur?

By K9 Wellness Team / June 1, 2017

No. The material is color fasted. However, we recommend that after you are satisfied that the fit is correct, wash the Waterproof Bodysuit in cold water and line dry. This will ensure there is no bleeding of color onto your dog’s fur.

Is the Waterproof Bodysuit easy to put on?

By K9 Wellness Team / May 13, 2017

Yes. Simply unzip the abdominal zippers and undo the Velcro on the bottom of the legs. Slip the garment over the dogs head (like a turtleneck), slide the front legs through the sleeves. Then slide the back legs through the sleeves and Velcro all 4 legs. Then zip the abdominal zipper. Pull the zipper flap…

Is the Waterproof Bodysuit truly waterproof?

By K9 Wellness Team / May 1, 2017

The waterproof Bodysuit is completely waterproof. It is NOT a wet suit. So, we do not recommend using this intentionally in the water.

Why is the Waterproof Bodysuit so good?

By K9 Wellness Team / April 13, 2017

The Waterproof Bodysuit could be the best dog garment in the world! It is lightweight, flexible and moves with your dog, is super warm, can be worn in many conditions, and is WATERPROOF. We are redefining dog apparel. No more should a clumsy, uncomfortable, ill-fitting slicker be used. We have the best thing available.

Will the Waterproof Bodysuit cause overheating?

By K9 Wellness Team / March 13, 2017

No-but each owner must use common sense. A dog releases heat primarily though panting and though the feet and ears. The Waterproof Bodysuit will not keep a dog from cooling itself through these channels. We have tested this garment in 80 degree temperatures without problems, but this garment is warmer and just prudence needs to…

Will wearing the Waterproof Bodysuit cause my dog’s fur to mat?

By K9 Wellness Team / February 13, 2017

No, there have been no reported matting with the Waterproof rainsuit and Arctic Fleece or Safety vests.