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Waterproof Bodysuit

Can I use the Waterproof Bodysuit in the snow?

Yes! The Waterproof Bodysuit works great in the snow- for dogs with longer coats or short coats. It will reduce your dogs exposure to ice and helps to prevent those terrible snowballs from forming on your dogs legs and abdomen. The Waterproof rainsuit can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your dog…

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Can my dog go to the bathroom wearing the Waterproof Bodysuit?

Yes. The garment is unisex so that male and female dogs can go to the bathroom without having to adjust the garment. Females have absolutely no problems. Males, due to their different anatomy, can have the abdominal zipper slightly undone to prevent them from urinating into the garment. The zipper is a non-travel/locking zipper.

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Do dogs mind wearing the Waterproof Bodysuit?

No. We have fit thousands of dogs and 99.9% tolerate the garment wonderfully. Some dogs do need a little more care and practice (i.e. doggy psychology) to make them comfortable, but rarely will a dog not tolerate the garment. If your dog does not tolerate the garment, simply return it within 30 days for a…

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How do I clean the Waterproof Bodysuit?

Wash the garment in cold water, gentle cycle, with minimal detergent-or Woolite. Line dry. You can place the garment in the dryer on low head also. Wash as little as possible to extend the life of the waterproof coating on the material.

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How durable is the material?

This material is incredibly tough. In fact we are using it on our Hunting Vest. That garment takes incredible punishment each day with hunters. The material is a waterproof exterior bonded to a super soft fleece material. It is waterproof and wind proof, but yet is super comfortable, flexible and breathable.

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How long can my dog wear his Waterproof Bodysuit?

Length of wear is variable. Most customers use the Waterproof Bodysuit on walks, and at dog shows to keep the dogs clean and reduce grooming time. The average use is from 1-12 hours. Again, use common sense-regularly monitor and inspect your dog, provide water and shade, and talk to our staff if you have any…

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Is the Waterproof Bodysuit easy to put on?

Yes. Simply unzip the abdominal zippers and undo the Velcro on the bottom of the legs. Slip the garment over the dogs head (like a turtleneck), slide the front legs through the sleeves. Then slide the back legs through the sleeves and Velcro all 4 legs. Then zip the abdominal zipper. Pull the zipper flap…

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