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Sports Vest

Is the garment waterproof?

The exterior shell is waterproof. The inner lining is NOT. The lining will dry quickly, but while the garment CAN be used in the water, it is not a neoprene vest INTENDED for water use.

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Why is this garment better than other vests?

We have combined the durability of a breathable, tough outer shell and Cordura chest shield with a flexible, soft micro-fleece lining. The garment protects the sensitive chest and upper front legs from sharp grass, bushes and debris. We have had hunting dogs run through barbed wire, or attempt to impale themselves on corn stalks–but have…

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Will the garment overheat my dog?

If used under appropriate conditions–no. We have had hunted and joggers use the garment in 75-90 degree weather without overheating. Remember the material is breathable, but adverse heat will place stress on a dog–with our without a vest. So, use good judgement during hot conditions.

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