For Show Dogs and Breeders

Can Show dogs use the Arctic Fleece K9 Top Coat?

By K9 Wellness Team / August 13, 2017

Yes. The Arctic Fleece is perfect for short haired breeds like Whippets, Dalmatians, Vizslas, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Boxers, Great Danes, and Wiemaraners to name a few. The Arctic Fleece keeps them cozy and warm, while also protecting their coat.

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Can the K9 Top Coat be used with show dogs?

By K9 Wellness Team / July 31, 2017

Yes. The K9 Top Coat is perfect for a number of show circumstances. It can be used at the show or at home. First, the garment covers so much of the body that it is great for keeping your dog clean after a grooming. This is extremely helpful at a show– no more worrying about…

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Can we use the Lycra Bodysuit on Long coated dogs?

By K9 Wellness Team / July 13, 2017

Yes. The Lycra K9 Top Coat works to protect the coat from stickers, burrs, and dirt. There is a flap of material between the zipper and the abdomen for added comfort and protection.

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Will the K9 Top Coat flatten my dog’s wavy coat?

By K9 Wellness Team / June 13, 2017

The Lycra Bodysuit is great for keeping wavy coats flat in breeds like Golden Retrievers, Irish Setters, English Setters, and Labradors. The Lycra stretches so much that you can get a snug fit to flatten the coat while still maintaining the comfort and flexibility your dog deserves. Because the bodysuit does flatten the dogs coat,…

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Will The K9 Top Coat overheat the dogs?

By K9 Wellness Team / May 13, 2017

No. The Lycra K9 Top Coat is made of lightweight Lycra that breathes quite easily. We are currently conducting a study of heat exposure with and without the K9 Top Coat at a major teaching Veterinary School. Preliminary results show that the K9 Top Coat does not cause ANY additional increase in core body temperature.…

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