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Top 3 Dog Bodysuits to Help Reduce Ticks, Relieve Allergy Symptoms and More!

By K9 Team Member / July 1, 2022

How our top 3 dog bodysuits can improve your pup’s way of life and reduce common pet problems like ticks, allergies and more.  With an increase in ticks across the country and more dogs developing allergies, our top 3 dog bodysuits cab provide much-needed tick protection, allergy relief and more. As a dog apparel company…

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How to Keep Your Pup Cool All Summer Long 

By K9 Team Member / April 8, 2022

Warmer temperatures are here, which means plenty of outdoor fun and weekend adventures ahead. From camping, swimming, hiking and other summer activities, there’s so much to enjoy and it’s important to keep your dog safe while they’re out in the hot weather. From UV protection for your dog’s sensitive skin to allergy relief, our Supra…

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